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Coarts Lighting is a leading brand of professional lighting in Pakistan, offering high-quality, eco-friendly lighting systems, products, and services since 2004.

Coarts Lighting is a brand of Powerhouse Pvt. Ltd in Pakistan, taking the lead of 4 more electrical product categories, which include Powerhouse Wiring Devices, Powerhouse Audio/Video solutions and accessories, Powerhouse Switchgear and Powerhouse Cabling. This brand is Powerhouse’s elemental brand for lamps, luminaires, and other lighting products for both professionals and consumers segments.


Core Values

A brand that empowers not only the environment but the life of individuals as well by providing energy efficient lighting solutions. A brand that takes it upon itself to brighten lives and, handsomely, contribute to the cause of making this world a better place for living beings. We are determined to augment the aesthetic appeal of residential places, uplift ambiance at commercial places and provide high luminous efficacy at industrial places. 

ACCESSIBILITY - Coarts Lighting designs lighting solutions to all that seek the miracle of light. Bestowing the splendor of lighting through different facets fulfilling the needs of customers in the best way possible.

Beyond IMAGINATION and above the boundaries of possibilities, Coarts Lighting conquers the imaginative feat in its lighting designs, innovate lighting solutions, automate the lighting experience, and sustain the energy. Imagination is key to creating unique and functional lighting products that will appeal to customers and stand out in the market.

INNOVATION with Coarts Lighting refers to the development of new and energy-efficient lighting products and technologies, the implementation of new lighting models, production processes, and the adoption of new design and engineering techniques. To instill a sense of sustainability in our corporate model; we utilize sustainable materials and production methods to reduce the environmental impact of our products.

Our PASSION lies each piece of lighting that we create to embolden the signature of lights and their ample usage. We passionately energize lighting design with strong interest and commitment to creating visually striking and functional lighting solutions for various spaces and environments. This includes both indoor and outdoor settings, such as homes, commercial buildings, public spaces, and stages.

With Coarts Lighting comes CREATION in the process of designing and developing new lighting products, solutions, and ideas. This involves research and analyzing market trends, prototyping, testing, and final production.  the need to meet customer demand, the emergence of new technologies, and the desire to explore new design possibilities.

TRUST in Coarts lighting is the confidence and belief that our customers have in the Coarts’ ability to provide high-quality products and services. Trust is built through power actions, such as providing excellent customer service, delivering products on time, and standing behind the quality of their products.

Our Purpose

Our Purpose is to unleash light's incredible potential for better lives and a better society. To accomplish this, we focus more on sustainability rather than high energy consumption. Coarts Lighting by Powerhouse is providing the most exceptional lighting solutions meticulously crafted to illuminate the lives of our users.

Our Vision

“Elevate and exalt the world with prismatic brilliance and reduce energy consumption through vital use innovation and technology side by side”.

Our Mission

With a mission to brighten up people’s lives with sustainable lighting solutions, we Coarts take this upon ourselves to create lights that leave a monumental impact on our users’ lives that last for generations to come. Our lights are a work of art as they’re crafted, carefully to suits all sorts of residential as well as commercial need and industrial needs.

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