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  • Now you can time your electronical devices and gadgets with the Universal two-pin plug from anywhere at any time. Just  plug in the Universal plug into any standard outlet and time the manual functions and remotely manage the various gadgets' ON/OFF states. Additionally, you may use the voice control feature of the Universal plug to operate your devices. Smart Life App, Google Home, IFTTT, and Amazon Alexa/Echo all are fully supported the Universal plug.

    5A Universal Smart Plug

    庫存單位: 05A-SP-BD
    ₨4,100.00 一般價格
    • How many times have you had your energy bill skyrocket? Now, you can  save energy consuption with the Universal 2 Pin Plug that allows you to schedule and time all electronic devices from your smartphone and voice control function. Plug it in and have full control any time!

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