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  • The Alpha LED Color Select Recessed Downlights are modern and efficient lights that can be used throughout an entire home or commercial setting such as living rooms, offices, retail, healthcare, schools, and factories. They are lightweight and easy to handle. Its sleek, white exterior is aesthetically attractive with a dimmable led driver built right in. The lenses used in it are designed to eliminate glare.


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    Alpha LED Color Select Recessed Downlight

    庫存單位: CLS-ADLCS
    價格自 ₨2,385.00
      • Thermal conductive plastic coated Aluminum housing and profile for good heat dissipation. 

      • V-0 Flame Rating. 

      • Higher lumen efficiency of up to 105lm/W.  

      • Up to 3 Hours battery backup system available upon request. 

      • 50000h

      • IP rating 44

      • Beam 100° 

      • Voltage 220-240V

      • CRI > 80

      • POWER FACTOR >0.9

      • Ø113 X 59, Ø145 X 65.8, Ø244 X 84

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