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  • The LED Alteco panel features a maximum efficiency of up to 85 lm/W and draws inspiration from backlit technology to highlight its optical system. This light is an excellent choice for settings such as retail, healthcare, educational, industrial, and office environments because it makes use of modern technologies to transform any ambient space into a one-of-a-kind balance of superior efficiency and refined appearance.


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    Alteco LED Panel

    庫存單位: CLS-AP
    ₨7,320.00 一般價格
      • Energy efficient (≥85 lm/W delivered)
      • RoHS compliant
      • White Frame, no junction gap
      • No visible diodes or glare, just a soft even field of light
      • Broad uniform light distribution, reducing the number of luminaires needed to light a space
      • Can be used in ceilings with limited space
      • Long life (40,000 hours)
      • Lightweight
      • Resistant to vibration and impact
      • Instant start with full power
      • Advantage for use with sensors, no negative impact on the light source
      • Suspension, recessed, ceiling, surface mounting kit optional
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