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  • Crystal Nova's eye-catching light fitting is an excellent way of illuminating spaces with high ceilings such as retail outlets, apartments and restaurants. The Spot optics allow this small but dramatic multi-function fixed or gimble downlight to illuminate the room with controlled and comfortable light output. This creates a beautiful effect as light is dispersed around the room. This light is essentially used at places when light efficiency is critical such as your living room, retail, healthcare, educational, industrial, and office environments. This option requires little in the way of maintenance.


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    Crystal Nova

    ₨8,030.00 一般價格
      • NSW IPART and VEET approved offering 25,000 hours* @L70
      • 3000K and 4000K colour temperature choices 
      • CRI>82
      • Beam 38
      • Voltage 220-240V
      • IP 20
      • Multi-faceted optics, offering controlled and comfortable light output
      • Dimmable external driver
      • More then 100 lm/W lumen efficacy 
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