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  • These fancy lights for wall tend to light up two ways being dual headed they are; best to be placed inside your drawing and dining rooms during a nice dinner. With great good and great lighting your guests would wanna come to your house every other weekend. Now, you can groove up the atmosphere of your spaces with Coarts Dual End Hexa-Lit COB wall light. 



    • Alternating current voltage range: 85-256V
    • 4 inches tall
    • 15-inch width
    • Warm light 3000K



    • Low power consumption.
    • LED lighting that can be used to reduce energy costs

    There are no flashes or glares, just soft light streaming through the window.

    • Quick wall drilling installation.
    • Light streaks that are extremely subtle.
    • Color temperature is provided by uniform light flow.
    • Elegant design for a lovely finish.

    Dual End Hexa-Lit COB

    庫存單位: MRM-026DCL
    ₨4,800.00 一般價格
    • Aluminium and metal alloy casing, glass lights

    • Living room, Dining & Drawing room, Bed & Bathrooms, Offices, Boutiques, carparking, hallways 

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