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  • These outdoor wall lights tend to light up two ways and spread by a broad spectrum. They are dual headed they are best to be placed inside your car parks, gardens, hallways, and pathways. Whether you're walking alone or sitting with friends out in the garden, these lights will for sure keep your moods lifted. Now, you can groove up the atmosphere of your spaces with Coarts Dual End Tri Lit COB wall mounted Lights. 


    Other technical requirements include:

    • Type: Wall Light
    • Dimensions: 3" x 8"
    • Aluminium is a lightweight material.
    • IP-65 Waterproof Rating
    • Warm White is the colour of the light bulb.
    • Color of the outer body: black
    • Number of LEDs: 6 (Three Top – Three Bottom)
    • No, it is not dimmable.

    Dual End Tri COB

    庫存單位: DK-034-N-DCL
    ₨2,900.00 一般價格
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