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  • A perfect Solar Light for your outdoor walls. This Enviro Solar Light is super powerful and energy-efficient as it doesn't consume electrical energy at all rather it is powered by Sunlight eventually saving up your electricity bills. 

    Enviro Solar Wall Light

    價格自 ₨7,800.00
      • Wattage: 10W
      • Model: FL-J2
      • Sensor Mode: Radar sensor + Light Control
      • Lamp Size: 375 x 205 x 65mm
      • Material: ABS, UV-resistant engineering plastics
      • Working time: 1-2 个Rainy Days
      • Solar Panel: 11W/9V
      • Battery: Ternary Lithium 7AH/3.7V & 7AH, 3.2V 32650 Lithium Iron Phosphate
      • Waterproof: IP65 Material
      • Installation Height: 2-3M
      • Warranty: 1 Year
      • Sensor: Auto Sensor with 2 different lighting modes
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