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  • A gentle white outdoor light to go with walls in the garden shed and other out spaces where the wall colour is usually dark. This light is amazing at its driven on sustainable energy and are easy to maintain.


    Specifications include the following:

    • 20W of power.
    • 8W Mono Crystalline Panel.
    • 3.7V capacity.
    • OSRAM 2835 with 39 LEDs.
    • White is the colour temperature (4000k).
    • The efficiency is 170 lm/w.
    • IP65 water resistance.
    • Height: 7 in., Panel Width: 4 in., Wall Distance: 5 in.

    Inspiro Beam Solar Light

    庫存單位: CLS-003SLS
    ₨11,300.00 一般價格
      • Weather Proof
      • Corrosion Proof
      • Low Maintenance
      • Renewable Energy-Driven
      • Durable and Impact Proof
      • LED Light
      • Built-in Battery
      • ABS, UV-resistant engineering plastics
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