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  • The memory down wall fancy light is the kind of light you want to place on your walls to amplify the ambience of your spaces. It gives out light not to brighten up anything but rather to augment the aura of your gardens, hallways, car parking, pathways etc. 

    The memory down wall mounted light is a perfect fit for your open-air spaces as it gives off light in a dramatic and interesting way. You can place three of these on either side of the wall near your pool and garden area and see the ambience getting lifted. From mundane to marvellous, instantly. 



    • This Half K-shape Lamp can brighten up the exterior of your home.
    • Because the half K-shape Lamp 1 side outdoor Elevation light emits warm white light, it will illuminate your surroundings without making them appear harsh.
    • Because this light is waterproof, it can be placed anywhere without fear of being damaged.


    • Type of Body: Wall Lamp
    • Aluminum is the material used for the body.
    • Black is the colour of the body.
    • COB light source
    • 5W of power
    • Warm White is the light colour.
    • No, it is not dimmable.
    • Beam Angle: Variable, up to 100 degrees
    • IP65 water resistance
    • AC 85-265V input
    • Lifespan: over 50,000 hours
    • Dimensions: 4 x 4 Inch

    Memory Down Wall Light

    庫存單位: MRM-021DCL
    ₨2,299.00 一般價格
    • Aluminium and metal alloy casing, glass lights

    • Carparking, Gardens, Pathways, Hallways.

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