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  • Wall fancy light in the shape of a teardrop, who knew creativity could go beyond our wildest imaginations?! Well with Coarts Lighting, you will see creative and innovative lighting designs every time you come to shop from us. This teardrop wall light is one of our best-selling designs as its unique and innovative style is one to write home about. It goes beautifully well with your architectural interior designs and makes spaces in your office and homes look more elegant and modern.



    • This modern wall lamp is made of pure brass and is extremely durable and sturdy.
    • This Modern Wall Lamp's unique design can enhance the interior and exterior of any restaurant or home.
    • The globe shape of the Modern Wall Lamp can easily blend into any type of interior. Furthermore, it can help to increase its value.



    • Golden Antique Brass finish on the body
    • Body Color: Globe
    • Yes, shade is included.
    • GLASS is the body material.
    • Bulb Base: E27 Primary Material: Oxidized Metal
    • Optional dimming (based on bulb & dimmer)
    • 40 Watts is the maximum wattage (per bulb).



    • Height: 18′′ Drop:
    • 4-inch wall distance
    • 5-inch glass diameter



    Modern Tear Drop Wall Light

    庫存單位: WTN-044DCL
    ₨7,300.00 一般價格
    • Metal casing, glass globe

    • Living room, Dining & Drawing room, Bed & Bathrooms, Offices, Boutiques, carparking, hallways 

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