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  • This boxed LED Solar Light is perfect to create that dual lighting impact on a wall on a cool winter night and during your outdoor gatherings. It creates such a dramatic effect on your outdoor walls and enhances the ambience of the surrounding, beautifully. 



    • The Solar Up Down Light is not only stylish, but it is also environmentally friendly.
    • With a solar panel embedded, the light requires sunlight to charge. The Solar Up Down Light is perfect for adorning the exterior of homes, gardens, and outdoor restaurants.                             
    • It is built with high-grade Polycrystalline solar panels, which are durable and effective.
    • The light is treated with IP65 waterproofing to increase durability in harsh weather conditions.



    • Light Type: LED
    •  Wattage: 2W
    • LED Lamp : ETi 2835 SMD
    •  LED: 2 Shades-3000k(Warm White) & 6000K(Cool White)
    •  Lumens/W: 100
    •  Solar Panel: Polycrystalline 5V/2W
    •  Battery Type: 18650# Lithium Battery
    •  3.2V/ 600 mAH
    •  Waterproofing: IP65
    • Install Height: 2-3m Wall
    •  Size : 8 x 4 Inches
    •  Body Material: ABS
    •  Working hours 10 Hours

    Prime Solar Di-LED

    ₨3,800.00 一般價格
      • Wattage:            2W
      • LED Lamp:          ETi 2835 SMD LED
      • Lumens/W         100
      • Solar Panel:       Polycrystalline 5V/2W
      • Battery Type:     18650# Lithium Battery; 3.2V/ 1500 mAH
      • IP:          IP65
      • Install Height:    2-3m Wall
      • Main Material:  ABS
      • Working hours: 5-6 Hours, Effect Light
      • Warranty:          1 Year
      • Weather Proof
      • Corrosion Proof
      • Low Maintenance
      • Renewable Energy-Driven
      • Durable and Impact Proof
      • LED Light
      • Built-in Battery
      • ABS, UV-resistant engineering plastics
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