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  • A very unique yet classic wall mounted light, this Coarts Lighting Rudolph geometric hanging light is a symbol of pristine craftsmanship, as its intricate geometric pattern is handcrafted, and it allows light to impression the same pattern when it is lit.  More than just a unique design, this light is made of sustainable material and is guaranteed scratch and stain-proof.

    Wanna gamify your spaces in a modern and simplistic way? Get the Rudolph fancy light hanging on the walls of your room. 


    Note: Does not include a light bulb.

    Rudolph geometric hanging light

    庫存單位: DK-039DCL
    ₨2,299.00 一般價格
    • Wood and glass casing 

    • Living room, Dining & Drawing room, Bed & Bathrooms, Offices, Boutiques, carparking, hallways 

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