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  • The Shelf wood luminar is mounted to and specifically designed to match your interior décor standards. This lamp can be used to add a warm and natural touch to your room and can be used as a source of ambient or task lighting. It come in unique and eye-catching design that enhances the appearance of your rooms and specifically your walls. Even on plain walls, this luminary will glow and appear chic and artistic. The best feature of this light is that it comes with shelf placements so that you can easily place your show pieces, your books, your electrical gadgets, and even your scented candles.

    Shelf wood luminar

    庫存單位: HCS-005DCL
      • Maple wood structure
      • With recessed batten lights
      • Size: 24x48x10 inches
    • Bedrooms, Living rooms, Dining & Drawing rooms, Study room, Lounge area.

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