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  • Our 400W Solar Flare Flood light has an external solar panel and built-in battery for convenient charging. The lamp has a remote control so you can turn it on and off remotely. It illuminates your yard, garden, or driveway. This robust light requires no wiring or electricity to install.

    Solar Flare Flood Light- 400W

    庫存單位: CLS-025SLS-400W
    ₨46,800.00 一般價格
    • Wattage: 200W
      Lumens/W 100
      Solar Panel: 6V/65W, Polycrystalline
      Battery Type: LiFePO4 3.2V/50 AH
      Install Height: 4 m -6m
      Main Material: Die Casting Aluminum+ ABS material
      Overall Dimensions: 425*325*80 mm
      Time: Charging Temperature 0 C~45 C / Discharging Temperature -20 C ~ 60 C
      Warranty: 1 Year
      LED Lamp: 2835 480 Pcs Sanan LED (3000k-6000k)

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