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  • The globe wall mounted lamp is stylish, sleek and delicate; desgined to uplift the aesthetic appeal of your homes as well as you workplaces. The perfect lighting fit for your living as well as bedrooms. Delicate, Sleek and Stylish, this wall fancy lamp serves dozens of purposes and is best made to fit into all your dwelling spaces.



    • Voltage range: 90V to 240V.
    • LED bulb as a light source.
    • Gold colour.
    • Metal for the body.
    • Yes, it is waterproof.
    • Yes, it is repairable.
    • alternating current.



    •  It is simple to instal.
    •  It can be installed anywhere in your home.
    •  It comes with a one-year warranty.
    •  Provides soft, ambient lighting






    Spherical Glass Lamp

    庫存單位: SE-001DCL
    ₨7,299.00 一般價格
    • Glass Ball, Edison bulb

    • Living room, Bedroom, Dining & Drawing room, Bathroom

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