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  • A symbol of style and sophisitcation, this K-Wall Light is designed to match your conteporary living standards and made to enahnce the overall appearance of your homes and bungalows. Not limited to outdoor wall light, it can be used inside your homes as well be it inside your bedroom & bathrooms, living rooms, dinning & drawing rooms and lounge. Its K-shape gives it a distinctive appeal that only enhances your interior decorative pieces.


    Other technical requirements include:

    • LED as a light source
    • AC is the power source.
    • IP65 Waterproof Protection Level
    • 30,000+ hours of life
    • Yes, bulbs are included.
    • 8 inch x 4 inch

    Warranty: Ultronics products have a 6-month replacement warranty.

    The K-Wall Light

    庫存單位: MRM-031DCL
    ₨2,799.00 一般價格
    • Iron and metal allow casing, glass LED light

    • Living room, Dining & Drawing room, Bed & Bathrooms, Offices, Boutiques, carparking, hallways 

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