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  • Tubo pro's cutting-edge layout distinguishes itself from the competition by providing an exceptionally wide beam angle and uniform illumination. Its Seamless connectivity and ultra-thin (1.5mm) Aluminum construction make it remarkably cool to the touch and aid in the device's ability to dissipate heat. It goes well in areas like elevator tunnels, corridors, staircases, washrooms, kitchens and storage etc. The driver has excellent in-built surge protection. Smooth PMMA is completely opaque, so no LEDs are visible.


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    Tubo Pro

    庫存單位: CLS-TBOPRO
    價格自 1.799,00₨
      • IP rating 20
      • 1.5mm Aluminum thickness
      • Input VOLTAGE 220-240 VAC
      • Beam angle 300°
      • CRI >80
      • Voltage 220-240V
      • POWER FACTOR >0.9
      • Dimensions in mm: 595 X 35 X 20, 1164 X 35 X 20
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