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  • This modern piece has a built-in table and a base of white marble that supports an adjustable lamp made of black powder-coated metal. This fancy light is a perfect fit for your casual settings as you can sit near it and read a nice book while sipping through a warm cup of coffee on a lazy winter evening. The Elemento's design is its biggest feat that enables the user to place anything on the dish attached in the middle. You can place your book, your jewellery pieces, your hot coffee mug and even your small showpieces over it. 


    Made in Italy.

    The Elemento

    SKU: CLS-001DCL-PL
    ₨55,650.00 Regular Price
    ₨53,300.00Sale Price
    • Bedroom, living room, kitchen, drawing room, study room, sofa lounge etc.

    • Marble Base, Aluminium Light holder and dish

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