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Coarts Lighting - Shell Goes High Wattage…

Thee collaboration between Coarts Lighting and Shell Pakistan, showcasing their successful partnership.


Shell Pakistan is a subsidiary of Royal Dutch Shell, which is a global energy company with operations in over 70 countries. In Pakistan, Shell is a major player in the oil and gas industry, operating a network of over 780 retail sites and serving millions of customers every day. As part of their operations, Shell Pakistan operates a fueling station at Islamabad airport, which is used to refuel planes before takeoff.


One of the challenges that Shell Pakistan faced at the Islamabad airport fueling station was the need for high-wattage lights to illuminate the planes while they were being refueled. This was an important safety requirement, as the lighting needed to be bright enough to allow the refueling staff to see clearly and avoid any potential hazards during the refueling process. However, the existing lighting solutions at the fueling station were not powerful enough to meet this requirement.

Shell approached Coarts

In order to address this issue, Shell Pakistan decided to work with Coarts Lighting, Pakistan’s premium lighting solutions brand, to find a suitable lighting solution for their Islamabad airport fueling station. Coarts Lighting is a leading provider of high-quality lighting solutions in Pakistan, with a focus on energy-efficient and environmentally sustainable lighting solutions.

The project was initiated in early 2019 circa January, with a target completion date of April 15th, 2019. The project involved the installation of 72 lighting solutions, including star flood gen-2 and LED flood lights, which were chosen for their high wattage and durability. The installation of these lighting solutions was a complex process, requiring careful planning and coordination with the airport authorities to ensure that the work did not disrupt airport operations.

The team at Coarts Lighting worked closely with Shell Pakistan throughout the project to ensure that the lighting solutions met their specific requirements. This involved conducting a detailed analysis of the existing lighting infrastructure at the fueling station, as well as taking into account factors such as the size and shape of the refueling area, the height of the planes, and the distance between the lighting fixtures and the refueling area.

One of the key challenges that the team at Coarts Lighting faced during the project was the need to ensure that the lighting solutions were energy-efficient and environmentally sustainable. This was important for both Shell Pakistan and Coarts Lighting, as both companies are committed to reducing their environmental impact and promoting sustainable business practices. To meet this requirement, the team at Coarts Lighting designed a customized lighting solution that used energy-efficient LED lights and was optimized for maximum energy efficiency.

Execution of the project

Despite the complex nature of the project, Coarts Lighting was able to complete the installation of the new lighting solutions within the target timeline of 6-8 weeks. The new lighting solutions provided by Coarts Lighting have been a significant improvement over the previous lighting infrastructure at the fueling station, providing significantly higher wattage and improved lighting coverage. In addition, the new lighting solutions are much more energy-efficient, reducing Shell Pakistan's energy consumption and environmental footprint.

To ensure that the new lighting solutions continue to operate at optimal performance levels, Coarts Lighting provided Shell Pakistan with a comprehensive service warranty of 2 years. This ensures that any issues or problems with the lighting solutions will be promptly addressed and resolved, providing peace of mind to Shell Pakistan and ensuring that the fueling station remains safe and efficient for years to come.

Overall, the project undertaken by Coarts Lighting for Shell Pakistan's Islamabad airport fueling station was a resounding success. Through careful planning, collaboration, and innovation, Coarts Lighting was able to deliver a customized lighting solution that met Shell Pakistan's specific requirements and provided significant improvements in safety, energy efficiency, and environmental sustainability. This project is a testament to the capabilities and expertise of Coarts Lighting and their commitment to delivering high-quality lighting solutions to their customers.

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