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  • The Alteco Color Select features a frame that is a stunning white colour with no junction gap. It has an astonishingly gentle and evenly distributed light that is broad and without any visible diodes or glare. It starts working at full capacity right away and is resistant to vibration and impact. This light works wonderfully in commercial and institutional settings such as offices, retail, healthcare, schools, and factories. The fantastic sensors it uses have several advantages and do not compromise the efficacy of the illumination in any way. Suspension, recessed, ceiling, and surface mounting kits are available as options. 


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    Alteco Color Select

    ₨9,500.00 Regular Price
    ₨8,500.00Sale Price
      • Long life (40,000 hours)

      • 3000K, 4000K, 6000K CCT with Pre-settable tri-white selector switch.  

      • Beam angle > 170°, with PMMA lens inside.  

      • Without LGP, no yellowing risk or failure with extended operating hours.

      • High-quality SMD2835 LED chip with life >50000hrs @L70. F

      • Power factor > 0.9

      • 110-240 V

      • CRI> 80

      • IP 20, IP 44

      • Dimension 595 X 595 X 33, 295 X 1195 X 32

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