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  • Elegance and lightness, what this model of decorative lighting is all about.
    Enchant Capsule globe wall light pendant consists of a diffuser made of two joined opalescent methacrylate saucers, suspended from the ceiling with a black-painted aluminium canopy. The simplicity of the design and the lightness of the materials makes for a perceptively weightless luminaire, fit for modern office spaces. 


    Made in Italy.

    Enchant Model 2065 Capsule Pendant

    SKU: CLS-020DCL-PL
    ₨42,275.00 Regular Price
    ₨40,299.00Sale Price
    • Kitchen, Staircases, House Entrance, Island, etc

    • Opaline Methacrylate Diffusers, Aluminium Structure

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